Milena & George


Dancer/choreographer Milena Ugren Koulas and musician George Koulas have been collaborating for last 11 years. They are married, family couple based in Limassol, Cyprus. Both of them graduated from Codarts academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They presented their work in different festivals in Cyprus and abroad in Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Germany, France, Serbia, Spain, Luxembourg. In 2007 the piece “While Walking” received a prize from New Europe Festival in Prague, Czech Republic.  In 2012 choreography “House of Heaven II” was nominated in International Choreographic Competitions in Hanover and “No-Ballet” in Ludwigshaven , Germany. Their  piece “Manlike” was selected as one of priority works by Aerowaves 2015 


They said about us:

The best performance on whole Platform. Had great introduction, amazing gradation, music started really quietly and there was one moment when audience did not realized that music and Milena’s movements were very big, loud, frequently…that’s speaks about excellent plot   of this piece. Milena is extraordinary dancer, has amazing and gifted body that was much welled accompanied with music. This piece has big artistic value, combined with humor and great performing skills of both performers. Good job!

Sara Tosic

Very original and entertaining. Great work of the dancer. Good music. The drummer is awesome. Very goof interaction between dancer and drummer. It is funny, entertaining and interesting all at once. Very good end. Great work.               Agustin Ferrando Castellano

“…Looking at Ugren Koulas’ dance as language, happiness is a physical condition in which the body is a finely tuned instrument of expressive power that the dancer can ‘play’ for the benefit of self and others. It is therefore fascinating to see the interplay between dancer and musician — Koulas on drums and singing — in which first one and then the other take the lead until they are both performing in rapturous harmony: a tour de force of gesture and percussion.

Nicholas Minns

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